PHAMOS personal health information card enables a person carry ALL his health data and allow physicians instant access.

       - It is a personal health data repository patented in US

       - It is a plug-and-play USB product & can use any PC

       - It contains the complete software & all patient data

       - There is no software to install. No Internet required

       - No subscription to pay. ID and start info on surface

       - It speaks for you when you can't without a password

       - It displays the main menu with one click of a button

       - A PCP can update it after every healthcare encounter

       - The patient carries the updated product to all his MDs

       - Physicians can use it instantly anywhere in the world

It enables authorized physicians to record, update, link, integrate and display in an organized form health data of the owner, collected from all sources, with no exception.

It enables all physicians to view all the relevant health data that they need to perform their tasks, in a clear, concise layout, which can support their decisions.

It gives the owner absolute control on the privacy, confidentiality, security, backups and access to his personal health data that are stored in the package.

It is very easy to use PHAMOS products with any existing standard personal computer with no exception - and works fast without any additional hardware or software.

It does not interfere with any local, regional, national or international standards, laws, regulations and coding systems and its cost is very low.


PHAMOS is Available in 4 Forms:

Credit-Card Form

Bracelet Form

Dog Tag Form

Image result for Engraved usb dog tag id
Wrist-Watch Form

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Last Update on 21-JUL-2019